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Why work with Salesforce Partner?

Why work with S Platform

Utilising the power of Salesforce technologies to fuel business growth has seen multiple success stories. 

However, moving to use Salesforce can be daunting to manage, time-consuming and costly. This is where working with a Salesforce partner like Devoteam S Platform comes in. 

But what are the main reasons you should work with us?

  • You can focus on what you do best

No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, we know that you want to focus on what you do best – looking after your business. 

That’s why when you choose to work with us, we handle the implementation and management of your Salesforce architecture.

This allows your IT department to focus on their core activities while we take care of the everyday hassle of managing your Salesforce platform: think about setup, maintenance, fixes, etc.

This frees up your time and resources and comes with the added benefit that we’re always on the lookout for the latest innovative technologies. Technologies that we can implement as part of your architecture without you needing to waste time on in-house research and testing.

Partnering with us has seen countless businesses succeed on their Salesforce journeys like SODEXO and DRIBE.

  •  We know what product works for every business challenge

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already set up and running, we have access to a suite of Salesforce products and solutions.

We can use CRM platforms such as Salesforce 360 to accelerate your sales and marketing and data integration solutions such as the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

No matter your business challenge, we are sure we have a solution we can implement for you. The products we work with include:

  • Sales cloud,
  • CPQ & Billing,
  • Service Cloud,
  • Chatbots,
  • Marketing cloud,
  • Pardot,
  • Experience cloud,
  • Einstein,
  • Tableau,
  • and more.

So if you are starting out, then as a Salesforce partner, we can set up your products quickly by using a set of best practice templates. We can even tailor these to your organisation. Saving you time, money, and reducing mistakes.

And if you already have an existing setup, we can work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your current design.

  • We have experience working across multiple industries

Devoteam has broad experience working across various industries and for different business types.

This means we already have insight into what product pairings and services can work best in your sector.

So no matter if you’re a non-profit or a public service business, we know where to start regarding Salesforce integration and optimisation.

View our success stories to learn more about who we’ve previously helped.

  • Additional benefits from working with a Salesforce partner

Working with a Salesforce partner for your Salesforce integration brings with it many benefits, but there are a few that stick out:

  • Customised development – Our experts can spend time understanding your unique needs as a business. This allows us to develop a solution to meet the needs of your business and your clients.
  • Training – With any new software solution comes a period of user learning. By working with us as a partner, we can customise training based on your end solution. This training brings your users up to speed as quickly as possible.
  • Testing – Implementing Salesforce solutions in-house can result in costly mistakes due to inadequate knowledge and testing. Our experts not only know Salesforce products inside out but they’ll spend the time rigorously testing your solutions to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.


The benefits of working with Devoteam S Platform are numerous. 

Not only do you get access to a team of 300+ Salesforce experts with over 700 certifications in Salesforce technologies, but you also get access to our best practice and tested frameworks.

Working with us will set you up for greater success in a shorter time, no matter the size of your organisation or where you are on your Salesforce journey.

Devoteam S Platform is a top EMEA partner and can help you across the entire Salesforce offering. This includes Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Tableau, MuleSoft, Nonprofit Cloud and more.