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DreamFest 22

Bringing you the key messages from Dreamforce! Join the Event in one of four S Platform countries and enjoy inspiring keynotes, delivered by our Salesforce partner and Devoteam S Platform.

What is DreamFest 22?

DreamFest 22 is a unique four-day-event organized in 4 EMEA countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France & Spain.

Join the Event in your country to hear a number of key S Platform people and Salesforce experts talking about technology news, their tips, advice and success stories.

Don’t miss diverse presentations and inspiring keynotes, delivered by Salesforce and Devoteam.

DreamFest 22 AGENDA

Rotterdam, the Dutch – October 12th



Welcome by Bert Schaap and Martijn van Veen

Two short sessions



Integration highlights from Dreamforce by Sudhir Kulkarni
Jeroen Reizevoort


The future of integration by Jeroen Reizevoort




Drinks & Dinner

DreamFest 22 Speakers:

Bert Schaap

Group Senior Vice President

Devoteam NL

Martijn Van Veen

Managing Director Devoteam

Devoteam NL

Sudhir Kulkarni

MuleSoft Ambassador

Devoteam UK

Jeroen Reizevoort

Jeroen Reizevoort

Field CTO EMEA at MuleSoft


Why work with S Platform

What to expect from DreamFest 22?

  • On-site event experience in London, Madrid, Paris and Rotterdam (The Dutch)
  • Four days of diverse presentations and inspiring keynotes
  • Roundtable sessions, keynotes and customer stories delivered by our S Platform leaders and special Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau guests
  • Feel the Devoteam culture

Please keep an eye on your inbox, because our Rotterdam’s event is invitation only. DreamFest 22 starts soon!

Bringing you the key messages from Dreamforce! Book your calendars for October, 12th and join us to hear the diverse presentations and inspiring keynotes, delivered by our S Platform experts.

Get to know the Devoteam spirit!

Get to know Devoteam, the Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau global Partner for over a decade, meet our experts, get to know our teams, and learn more about how it feels to be our customer, our partner, our employee!

About Devoteam

Devoteam is a leading consulting firm focused on digital strategy, platform technologies, cybersecurity and business transformation.

In Devoteam we promote technologies to have a positive impact on people and the world around us. With more than 25 years of passion for tech and offices in 18 countries across EMEA and beyond, at Devoteam we believe technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better.

Devoteam is partnering with the five global cloud leaders – AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce and Service Now and last year has been announced as the “Partner of the year” of all these five cloud leaders.

Devoteam S Platform

Devoteam S Platform is an official Summit Salesforce Partner. We believe in giving our customers the true power of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. Our holistic approach allows our customers to do business seamlessly, easily and at a fast pace.

Our 300+ Salesforce experts are all certified and are working together to get the best out of Salesforce solutions. With our Salesforce Center of Excellence enjoy groundbreaking digital experiences with next generation of IT delivery operations.

Read more about Devoteam S Platform here.