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Einstein GPT – The world’s first AI generator for CRM

Einstein GPT - The world's first AI generator for CRM

Einstein GPT Launched

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in society, and with the recent success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, new uses and platforms are emerging almost daily. The $250 million Salesforce Ventures AI fund will encourage startups and the development of relevant AI to build on this success.

At the beginning of March 2023, the global leader in CRM, Salesforce, launched Einstein GPT – The world’s first AI generator for CRM. Einstein GPT constructs AI content for every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction. 

Using AI in this way is set to transform the user experience.

How will Einstein GPT be used?

Einstein GPT will enhance Salesforce’s AI models by generating data from partner ecosystems through the Salesforce Data Cloud that unifies the company’s user data in real time. With Einstein GPT, clients can connect existing data with other OpenAI models or choose their external model from Salesforce CRM. This connection can generate content that continually adapts to changing information and client needs. 

This may sound complicated, but for example, Einstein GPT can:

  • Generate personalised customer emails for sellers to send.
  • Generate customer support services and provide targeted responses to answer customer questions effectively.
  • Develop targeted content for marketers, potentially increasing campaign response rates.
  • Automatically generate code for developers.
  • And much more.

A fundamental change in technology

As Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says, 

“The world is experiencing one of the most fundamental technological changes with the rise of real-time technologies and generators that use AI. These changes come at a crucial time as almost every company is focused on connecting with their customers more intelligently, automated and personalised way.” 

Einstein GPT, combined with Salesforce Data Cloud integrated with Tableau, MuleSoft and Slack, is another way Salesforce opens the door to the future of AI for all of their customers, ensuring integration with OpenAI at the launch of each product/service.

Salesforce combines OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology for businesses with Salesforce’s built-in AI models to deliver relevant and reliable AI-generated content. 

What exactly is Einstein GPT in the CRM world?

Einstein GPT is the new Einstein generation of Salesforce’s AI technology. It delivers over 200 billion AI-powered predictions daily across the Customer 360 ecosystem.

Customers can easily query CRM data and receive automated personalised AI-generated content by combining previous Einstein AI models with ChatGPT or other leading language models. Saving time and increasing satisfaction in all spheres. Salesforce has announced the use of AI in:

Sales – Einstein GPT enables the automatic generation of sales activities such as composing emails, scheduling meetings and preparing for the next interaction.

Services – Einstein GPT enables the generation of summaries based on previous notes during collaboration. Additionally, it allows the automatic generation of personalised responses in conversations with agents to increase customer satisfaction through faster and more personalised service interactions.

Marketing – Einstein GPT enables dynamic, personalised content to engage current and potential clients via email, mobile, web and ads.

Slack Customer 360 applications – Einstein GPT provides an overview of customer satisfaction in Slack, similar to summaries of sales conversations.

Code development – Einstein GPT helps improve developer productivity by using an AI chat assistant to generate code and ask questions for languages like Apex.


Advances in AI continue to enable deeper, multidimensional insights from markets worldwide. Therefore, sales and marketing teams can quickly improve customer focus and become more committed and specific in meeting customer demands.

The new Slack ChatGPT app integrates OpenAI’s advanced AI technology to deliver short meeting summaries, research tools, and help with writing any text.

Einstein GPT:

  • Creates personalised content in every Salesforce cloud using artificial intelligence, making every employee more productive and improving user experience.
  • Is open and extensible – it supports public and private AI models purpose-built for CRM and is trained on reliable real-time data.
  • Will integrate with OpenAI to provide Salesforce customers with capabilities to generate purposeful results through AI far beyond what has been seen before.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about using Eistein GPT within your organisation or learn how Devoteam can help you implement solutions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.