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Salesforce 360 – Accelerate Sales and Marketing.

Lay the foundations and start a massive shift of your operations and practices in the Cloud.

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Salesforce Sales and Marketing.
Salesforce Sales and Marketing.
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Your challenge. Sharpen your customer knowledge.

Deepen your customer knowledge, spend less time on admin and kickstart easy supervision with smart workflows. Supervise your team easily, maximizing productivity in a truly holistic way. 

Our 300+ certified Salesforce consultants fused with 25+ years’ integration experience get you where you need to be, faster. 

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What we do. Harness technology to sharpen your customer knowledge and sales and marketing targeting.

Make sales and marketing one team

Leverage data insights to target the exact needs of your clients. By enhancing your customer experience you will see your sales start to ramp up.

Offer total visibility on all actions

Get a global view of your pipeline and track the effectiveness of every marketing and sales action. Finetune ongoing campaigns and turn opportunities into successful business deals.

Deliver outstanding customer care

Automate your customer service to be proactive and personalized. Empower your teams with visibility and insights for smarter and accurate service, across every channel.

Retain your customers

Seamlessly support your customer through their journey, no matter the channel. Craft tailored experiences that are as engaging as they are relevant.

Anticipate needs and map interactions

Step up your customer knowledge by mapping each interaction with your business. So you can anticipate future behavior, desires and habits.

For help setting up a secure Salesforce platform, start a discussion with Devoteam.

Salesforce 360 is an integrated CRM platform provided by Salesforce that gives your company access to your customer data from anywhere, using the cloud. Salesforce 360 combines all the databases from every department in your company: sales, marketing, communications, Web analytics, retail, service, and IT departments into an easy-to-understand, shared Saas interface on an integrated customer relationship management platform.

One of the main reasons for using a Saleforce 360 is to empower the sales and marketing teams of your company. These teams can design stronger strategic sales and marketing campaigns using data that already exists.

One of the biggest benefits of a Salesforce is surely that it provides a more personalized and customized shopping experience. Companies and organizations can use powerful and consolidated data to empower customers with a more personalized experience throughout their buying journey.

CDPs and DMPs collect the same kind of data and information, but their goals are different. DMPs focus on third-party data (cookies and customer segment identifiers) and keep it for a short period of time. CDPs focus on first-party structured, semi-structured and unstructured PII data.

CRM organizes and tracks interactions between clients and your company, while CDP collects data about the behavior of customers with your company’s product or service.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you to identify and keep adding new sales leads quickly and easily, and categorize them with accuracy. By concentrating on the right leads, Sales can properly prioritize which opportunities will close the deal, and Marketing can pin-point which leads require greater nurturing and prepare them to be high-quality leads.

We are a proud partner of Salesforce, start a discussion with Devoteam and let’s start your digital transformation together.

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Customer stories Every day, we help businesses just like you.

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September 5, 2022

API authentication: Create a seamless and brilliant customer experience

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APIs Demystified: What they Are, How they’re Used, & an Amazon API Example

APIs are all around us. Many of us interact with them every day without giving it a second thought. In this blog, we will explore what APIs are, how they’re used and Amazon’s API first strategy.

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August 16, 2022

How to use the MuleSoft Json Logger and publish logs to external systems

This blog post explains formatted logging in Mule applications and how to use the MuleSoft Json Logger connector to publish selected business logs to external systems such as ELK or Splunk.

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