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Tableau consulting: translate data insights into action.

Tap into unlocked data to get deeper insights. And start making smarter decisions, creating connected customer experiences to supercharge innovation.

Tableau Salesforce
Tableau Salesforce

Your challenge. Leverage data as a transformation engine

Today, data is the foundation of every successful business. Turning data into actionable insights is the most effective way to drive tangible impact. 

Empower your business with Tableau from Salesforce: an intuitive analytics platform, paving the way for smarter decision-making across the board. 

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What we do. Move from insight to impact, with Devoteam S Platform

Leverage centralized operations

Interconnect channels at every level to collect valuable information with unique traceability. Maximize your data in a single platform, translating data into actionable insights.

Collect, integrate, analyze and visualize

Use powerful BI and visualization dashboards from multiple data sources. And gain a true understanding of your data and insights, related to business performance.

Make smart decisions in real-time

Action real-time data and stay connected at all times, making relevant and targeted decisions always.

Imagine new business models, products and services

Develop new business models and smart products using the power of data and machine learning. And detect new forms of innovation to bring new service models to life.

The Salesforce software company acquired Tableau in 2019, but Salesforce and Tableau remain two distinct applications. Salesforce is the company’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, whereas Tableau is a visual analytics platform.

Tableau and Salesforce can be used in combination to better leverage your customer data and quickly get a view of your most important metrics.

A Tableau Consultant’s role is to find a way to turn a client’s raw data into incisive and impactful graphics using Tableau data visualization software. They help you get the most out of your data and the software so that you can make informed decisions, optimize your processes, and forecast outcomes. 

Well-versed in building data models and SQL, Tableau Consultants play an important role in an organization’s business intelligence (BI) process too, helping to develop future-proof analytics solutions and predictive modeling. Successful long-term BI and data strategies not only include digital transformation and the migration from legacy systems to cloud-based applications, but also the training of staff to ensure easy implementation.

Working with a Tableau Consultant is much more cost effective than spending the time and money to train an in-house employee. Plus, you’ll know you’re getting advice from a true Tableau expert.

As a certified Tableau partner, Devoteam offers Tableau consulting services that can help you unlock the potential of your data.

A Tableau developer uses the Tableau software from Salesforce to generate meaningful and insightful visual representations of data. Their job is also to optimize Tableau for their organization by building the tools needed to connect different data sources, creating custom extensions and workflows, and integrating code or advanced data models.

Although you don’t need to know how to code to use Tableau, a skilled Tableau developer can help you take the tool to the next level and obtain even better insights. 

Tableau Consultants and developers work together to provide their clients with the business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics they need and also train organizations on how to effectively use Tableau. 

Yes, consulting firms commonly use Tableau to perform advanced data analytics or showcase actionable insights in an appealing, and easy-to-understand manner. In fact, Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence tools on the market today, and hundreds, if not thousands, of Tableau partners and Tableau consulting firms now exist to help businesses harness its power.

Some organizations seek out Tableau consulting services to streamline customer support while others are interested in the interactive data visualization software to maximize marketing efforts. The charts and graphs created in Tableau can also be used to strengthen a brand’s storytelling or provide a look into the future. With the ability to perform virtually any type of data analysis on Tableau, the possibilities are endless.

Discover how Devoteam’s certified Tableau consulting services can empower your organization.

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