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Multi-Phased approach to enable e-Commerce for Retailer during COVID-19 restrictions using MuleSoft

The snapshot


MuleSoft delivers systems 60% faster using pluggable reusable building blocks


API & integration code reuse rate of 71% leads to higher return on IT assets, faster delivery speed, and reduced maintenance & change effort


Reduced Maintenance & Change Effort 90% reduction in API & integration maintenance (run/change) costs

The challenge

  • COVID-19 Government Mandates restricting customers and employees physical presence at stores
  • Limited budget & time frame for implementation of the solution

The Solution

  • Use API-led connectivity to achieve greater system efficiency
  • Use MuleSoft Accelerators & Cloud Information Model to expedite design & delivery
  • Create an efficient Order Management process that is easily extendable to a full-fledged e-commerce solution


Short-Term: Increase the efficiency of store agents by enriching orders with more data to speed up the picking process

Short-Term: Enable revenue-based survival during COVID-19 lockdown

Long-Term: Penetrate a new zero-contact customer segment via e-Commerce

Long-Term: Enable new revenue streams, e.g. via Revenue-Share schemes with partner sellers

Long-Term: Reduce location-based OPEX, such as store rent/lease

Devoteam’s Integration consulting services

Building on 20+ years of extensive Integration experience at both multinationals and SMEs, we support our customers with Integration technology services. Our experts cover the full spectrum of skills, experiences, and proven approaches needed for the Integration of processes regarding customers, services, products, and operating models. In short, we enable seamless ecosystem connectivity for your entire value chain. We enable organizations to easily connect with their prospects, customers, suppliers & partners by:

  • Setting up (hybrid) Integration platforms, from architecture to configuration
  • Taking care of your Integration environment through a managed services model with different support levels
  • APIs & API Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)