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Supercharge your Net Zero goals with MuleSoft

Take action to reduce emissions through connected reporting.
Urgent action is needed to address the global climate crisis. We believe organisations can play their part to become Net Zero and reduce their carbon footprint. By utilising the 360° power of MuleSoft, organisations can gain valuable insights into their emissions and help make timely and accurate data-driven decisions to work towards Net Zero.

From Responsibility to Opportunity:
The Importance of Carbon Footprint Monitoring for Companies

  • Global rising temperatures over 1.5 C will have a severe consequences for the planet along with increasing amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.
  • Changes in weather patterns include higher temperatures, storms, draughts, with changes to our ecosystems becoming the norm.
  • There are opportunities for organisations who choose to address the disruption head on.
  • Sustainable business, economic strategies & taking a climate-friendly (NetZero) approach, can win customers, and business.

The technology solution to measure, manage and mitigate your companies carbon emissions

MuleSoft is a powerful integration platform that enables connectivity between systems and data sources. MuleSoft can provide a holistic view of an organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions for carbon accounting and reporting purposes. This can enable organisations to better understand their total carbon footprint, identify areas where emissions can be reduced and set targets to achieve their sustainability goals.

MuleSoft Modular ApiMuleSoft API can simplify tracking and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from various sources by allowing organisations to connect and integrate their various systems and data sources, such as energy consumption data from smart metres, production data from manufacturing plants, and transportation data from logistics systems, among others.
Tableau data visualisationTo determine the carbon footprint of a company, data needs to be collected on its energy usage, transportation, supply chain, waste management, and other relevant areas. Tableau presents the data from these various sources and can then be used to calculate the company’s carbon emissions and identify areas where emissions can be reduced.
RPA automationMulesoft can also help to automate the collection of data and ensure the accuracy of integrity of the data by removing the need for manual data entry.

Why take a tech approach to CO2 tracking, monitoring and reducing your environmental impact

Data collection is essential for carbon accounting, providing the relevant information to measure your organisation’s carbon footprint. Adopt a Tech-first approach to data collection to achieve Net Zero, and meet your ESG goals. Creating a 360° view of your ecosystem, including collected & estimated CO2 emissions.

To demonstrate your business takes environmental concerns seriously and plans for steps you can take to reduce impact on the enviroment.
Allows for employee and employer education on awareness around how our business activities impact the environment.
Enable you to effectively and accurately get a true reflection of your company’s carbon footprint created from day to day business activities.
Transparency into our CO2 emissions. “What gets measured, gets managed” Insight into where efforts are needed to reduce CO2 emissions.
Gain a competitive advantage by identifying ways to lower individual and collection carbon footprint, minimise waste, buy green products and get services from environmentally friendly companies.
Identify excessive energy usage and other inefficiencies. Lowering GHG emissions goes hand in hand with increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

What is Net Zero?

  • Not having an impact on the climate is the goal; this can be achieved from emissions reduction or offsetting carbon emissions.
  • Where to start with becoming Net Zero can be a big challenge –  through the power of MuleSoft, Devoteam can help with understanding your organisations CO2 emissions.
  • Achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon removed from it’.*
*Energy Saving Trust, What is Net Zero and How Can We Get There

Are you ready to begin your path to Net Zero? 

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