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Getting Ahead with AI: Uncovering New Features and Upcoming Releases on Salesforce

Salesforce new releases 2023

The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving. Every year we have three main releases in the Winter, Spring, and Summer. Today, everyone is talking about AI, and Salesforce has shown how they adapt and implement this new technology. They are embracing AI in every avenue of the Salesforce platform, providing a 360 customer view like never before. We are bringing you new features and upcoming releases on Salesforce. Find out all details in this article.

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the power of AI in the world of Salesforce. In March this year, they introduced us to Einstein GPT and explained in what spheres this powerful feature will be included. After Einstein GPT, we could see Slack GPT, Commerce GPT, and Marketing GPT releases during Salesforce Connections 2023. Also, Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse will be available in the Spring ’24 Release. At the Salesforce AI Days, they gave us a preview of Sales GPT and Service GPT.

35 AI-related badges on Trailhead will soon be generally available for Trailblazers

We can already take a sneak peek at these new features that will soon be generally available for all customers and partners. For Trailblazers, we can expect more than 35 AI-related badges on Trailhead, starting from the basic, teaching us general concepts of AI, to the more advanced.

One of the problems in using AI is the AI trust gap, and Salesforce has developed a solution called Einstein GPT Trust Layer. This allows customers to use generative AI without sacrificing data privacy and security. Salesforce strives for responsible AI use, promising to solve trust, scale, and ethics problems and bring other solutions to customers shortly.

Not only is Salesforce introducing this new technology to help us be more productive, but they will also use the concept of Reinforcement Learning from human feedback. For instance, consider the use of Einstein GPT in automatically generating emails. Salesforce monitors how service agents engage with these auto-generated emails – whether they’re directly used or modified and to what extent and how they differ from other agents. 

Beyond learning from these interactions, Salesforce stores customer outcomes. It evaluates whether the emails contribute to developing customer relationships and estimates the success of outcomes, even determining if they lead to a “Closed Won” scenario.

Over the summer months, we have seen a couple of new features coming out. Some of them are generally available, which means they successfully passed the Pilot and BETA testing phases and will be formally included in a Salesforce release. The others are still in the testing stages.

The June ‘23 release introduced to us:

  • Sales Email Generation with Page Context | Pilot
  • Reply Recommendations | GA
  • Summarization | GA
  • Knowledge Email Creation | Pilot
  • Subject Line Generation | Pilot
  • Generative Search Answers for Service Agents | Pilot
  • Einstein GPT for Developers v1 | Pilot

The July ‘23 release introduced to us:

  • Sales Email Generation with Page Context | GA
  • Domain-Grounded Reply Recommendations | Pilot
  • Knowledge Creation v2 | Pilot
  • Task Summaries | Pilot
  • Prod Description |  Pilot
  • Segment Generation | GA
  • Generative Search Answers for Self-Service | Pilot

This month (August ‘23), we can expect two new features:

  • Knowledge Email Creation | GA
  • Insights Summaries | Pilot
Salesforce Solution Engineer, Devoteam S Platform

One of my favourite features is Knowledge Creation. Today, even without the generative AI implementation, Salesforce identifies relevant content for a specific case and presents it to agents. But, having a high-quality Knowledge Base is expensive and time-consuming.  Salesforce, however, offers a promising solution: the ability to construct Knowledge from interactions between agents and customers and leverage the agents’ expertise and situational context. Even more impressive is the potential to train bots using Knowledge Articles. As a result, bots can resolve Cases beforehand, ensuring that agents will not have to handle them.

What’s next?

Salesforce has been constantly adding new features over the last few months, and we are very excited about the upcoming Dreamforce event from September 12th to 15th since they promise a complete transformation and advancement of the entire product line using generative AI.

Here are some of the critical dates that you should be looking out for:

  • August 24: Sandbox cut-off date – use sandbox to get early access to new features and test configurations before the scheduled production upgrade,
  • August 25: Winter ’24 release site is live,
  • September 1: First release weekend – a small number of customers get upgraded,
  • September 14-27: Release Readiness Live – live from Dreamforce,
  • October 6: Second release weekend – upgrading another set of instances,
  • October 13: Final release weekend – all remaining Salesforce instances are upgraded;

Off the back of Dreamforce, Devoteam will be hosting DreamFest 2023. Devoteam S Platform hosts the in-person event with experts from Salesforce, MuleSoft and Tableau.

DreamFest is your chance to discover revolutionary strategies for AI, Data and CRM, get all the insights from Dreamforce and network with like-minded professionals.

To find out more about DreamFest, head to our information page here.